Luke and Lydia

Luke and Lydia are the beautiful twins born to my friends, Angie and Mike. Some of you may have seen photos on this blog from Angie’s baby shower earlier this year. These babies, who were born prematurely, have been through quite a lot in their short little lives, but look at them now! They are amazing! They’ve been home and doing well since mid-April.

Angie and I had a great time during the shoot. I was reminded of the scene from “Raising Arizona” where Nicolas Cage is trying to keep all the babies in the room. Thank goodness we only had two to keep track of–and they’re not even crawling yet! Angie was hilarious and kept me laughing the whole time. Now, I know she has a great sense of humor, but she might have also been a little loopy from lack of sleep!

While Angie and Mike decide which announcement to send out, it’s my privilege to introduce you to Luke and Lydia…

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