Julie & David’s Wedding Celebration

It’s been an exciting and very busy past few weeks as I’ve finished my first wedding!  Julie and Dave have been such a great couple to work with and it has truly been my privilege and an honor to be a part of their wedding celebration.

Yikes, where to start – I have images from Julie’s bridal session, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and the wedding day festivities.  There are also a couple of shots of the wedding print materials we worked on.  Bear with me, this is going to be a long post!  If you want to skip straight to the highlights gallery and slideshow of the wedding, click here.

Julie’s Bridal Portraits at Sarah’s Vineyard

I can finally share these shots of Julie now that the wedding is over.  We didn’t want Dave to get a sneak peek of Julie in her dress!  Early in August, Julie, her sister and mom met me in Cuyahoga Falls at Sarah’s Vineyard which is located right across the street from Blossom Music Center.  It’s a beautiful vineyard, wine bar and art gallery and is part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s sustainable farming program.  It’s a very cool program that I could go on and on about here, but instead I’ll give you this link to learn more about the program and the winery.  Julie was just stunning and so much fun to work with.  We were blessed with a beautiful afternoon and some crazy, dramatic clouds!

The Wedding Rehearsal at Parkside Church and Pasha Mediterranean Grill

Okay, talk about efficient!  This was the fastest wedding rehearsal I’ve ever been to.  Pastor Kennedy has it down to a science.  I think the entire rehearsal took only about 20 minutes — You go here, you’ll do this, I’ll say this.  Done.  Seriously people, I was in awe of the brevity!  Dinner was held at a fabulous restaurant in Solon called Pasha Mediterranean Grill.  By the way, any couples out there who want a cool engagement session backdrop, I would love to do a shoot there!  We were out on the deck, so I didn’t get any interior shots, but the food is delicious and the decor is great!  Highly recommended.

Here we go:

Finally, The Big Day -Northeast Ohio

Okay, I gave the location as Northeast Ohio because the guys started out in downtown Cleveland, the ladies were over in Kirtland, the ceremony was in Chagrin Falls and the reception was in Novelty.  We had terrific weather and owing to Julie’s meticulous planning (spreadsheets and schedules), everything went smoothly!  Jules, I just want you to know that I loved how organized you were.  I don’t know if I would have been able to cover everything without your schedule, so thank you for that!

I’m only going to post a few of my favorite shots here.  I started posting and then realized it was getting way too long, and it’s still pretty hefty.  Anyway, you can see a slideshow of highlights (about 139 images) from the day on my website, and family and friends of Julie’s and Dave’s can request the password to see the full gallery of shots (662 images).

So, we started off the day with a few of the fellas getting authentic barbershop shaves at Marino’s Haircutting in downtown Cleveland.  I can honestly say that you can see the difference with this quality of shaving.  Mr. Marino and his associate really did a terrific job!  And, not a nick in site!

Oh yeah, and the car…

Dave’s best man, Doug, procured this rockin’ Challenger for the getaway car.  Dave and I thought we might be able to talk Julie into jumping into the window, ala Dukes of Hazard, but she declined.  Back to the shaves:

And next, I moved across town to Kirtland’s In Style Salon to see how the ladies were coming along…

Seriously?  A French-braided heart in hair?  Amazing.

Now, in this next shot, I absolutely love the reaction of one of the other stylists.  She’s in the background, and is the one who crafted the heart-braid.  She is definitely diggin’ the tiara!

Next, a lovely luncheon at Julie’s Aunt Jan’s house where the ladies got ready.

Some shots of Julie’s beautiful dress…

And speaking of shoes…

Julie and Dave opted to do a “First Look” meeting where they got to see each other for the first time, all decked out, without the pressure and nervousness of having the entire congregation of guests staring them down.  Seeing each other before the ceremony was a great way to reduce jitters and also allowed to us get some of the portrait shots out of the way so we didn’t take too long between the ceremony and reception.  They had a great place to meet.  It was same place where they first met and where Dave eventually proposed.

Julie and Dave’s friend, Radin of Gaines Florist in downtown Cleveland, provided the flowers.  Nice job, Dino.

Musical friends were plentiful as Tanya Satteson played violin, Jennifer Krieger played piano, Justin Hartman and Cara Davis played guitar and sang, and Jeff Griswold sang.  Cara also wrote the song she performed.  Too much talent in this group!

I couldn’t resist these little ones as they were waiting so patiently during the receiving line.

The grand exit…

Yes, Dave did peel away and luckily no one was injured!  Nice job, Dave! So, because I spent so much time with the women folk, I felt obliged to give the guys a good showing.  Here are the groomsmen:

I think this next shot might be my favorite.  I love the sunflare highlighting Julie like a spotlight.  And who is this graceful getting out of a muscle car?!

Some details from the reception:

Julie chose a very inspired idea for her tables and escort cards using Bible verses as the table numbers.  We then printed each verse on the table cards for guests to read.

The band, Free Howie, was great!  They had the whole crowd going all night.  There was some fancy guitar-playing by Chris deHaas, who is the guitarist on the far right.  Check out the highlights gallery to see him in action.

The gentlemen at the bar at the E.O.U.V. Club were so very kind to me, plying me with water every time I came near the bar.  I didn’t even have to ask!  Thank you, gentleman.

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