Healthy Meals to Go

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to meet Janet Vitt Sommer.  A former registered nurse specializing in women’s health and maternity, Janet is now a certified macrobiotic counselor who teaches cooking classes, cooks macrobiotic meals to go, lectures and also gives shiatsu massage.  Not only is Janet amazing in all that she does on a daily basis, but she is also a 14-year lung cancer survivor.   I met Janet and her good friend, Mary McHugh, when I was on a freelance assignment to write about their work with the cancer support group at Parkside Church in Bainbridge.  If anyone is interested in the services Janet offers, please email me at jul.hahn [at] and I’ll get you connected.

We got together on one of Janet’s cooking days and I wanted to share the photos.

Mary and Janet

Mary and Janet

Pressed Salad

Pressed Salad

Collard greens and carrots

Collard greens and carrots


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