Engaged! Bonnie & Tim

This past weekend I had a great afternoon with Bonnie and Tim. We met up at Tim’s apartment to start our engagement session at the lake where Tim proposed. Unfortunately, the docks weren’t in the water yet, but some creative positioning got us a few shots of the happy couple “on the water.”  Next, we went into Aurora which has a very cute little downtown area. Actually, the word “cute” kept popping up as I shot these two. ( I know it’s not your favorite description, Tim, but it’s true.  You are a cute couple!)

Here are my favorites from the day:

Tim & Bonnie

Tim & Bonnie






I LOVE this shot of Bonnie! You can see how much she loves Tim.







Tim and Bonnie treated me to ice cream after a surprisingly warm afternoon. Thanks so much, guys!


Simple, classic, beautiful.

Bonnie and Tim watching me while Im laying on the ground to shoot Bonnies ring

I tried to sneak one last shot while Bonnie and Tim were watching me lie on the ground to shoot Bonnie's engagement ring.

Thanks again, Tim and Bonnie!  I had a great time with you and am so excited to shoot the wedding in June!

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