Don and Steph’s Wedding Celebration

Don and Steph are my fun-lovin’, muddin’ couple.  Y’all might remember them covered in mud, spraying mud in every direction, and just having a great time in, well, mud.  Their wedding was in August last year and they had a beautiful wedding ceremony in the courtyard at Mario’s International Spa in Aurora and super fun reception at the Aurora Inn. It rained that day, which wasn’t part of the vision for the day, but it made for a very intimate wedding.  (Thank goodness, I brought a change of clothese, though!  I was soaked by the end of the ceremony!)  Don and Steph are really “roll with it” kind of people and they did just that.  Equipped with walkie-talkies so that Don wouldn’t accidentally see Steph before the ceremony, they were able to readjust to their day without a hitch.

Don and Steph’s entire crew, from their families and friends to their bridal party, welcomed me with open arms and I am so grateful for their kindness, generosity and hospitality!  I only wish their beautiful Weimaraner pup, Kya, could’ve been part of the ceremony!

First, here’s Kya:

Don and Steph's pup, Kya


And here are some highlights from Don and Steph’s ridiculously fun wedding:

Don and Steph are architects, hence the floor plan seating chart the rehearsal

Don's hunting-themed groom's cake

Champagne glasses from Steph's parents' wedding

The wedding day

I love this next photo of Steph.  She finally had a second to just sit and be still while her bridesmaids and mother-in-law were still busy behind her.

Guests were tucked under whatever cover was available.

Thanks so much, Don and Steph!  I had such a great time at your wedding!!  See you both soon!

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