Ashley & Aaron’s Wedding Celebration

Ashley and Aaron were my last wedding of 2009 and it was a great way to the end season.  Their late November wedding was my second in Columbus, and despite the time of year, we had gorgeous weather!

Some of you will recognize Ashley from Katie Noggle’s (nee Belair) wedding, as well as several other members of the bridal party.  I have a super special place in my heart for these girls as I have now been in three weddings with them.  I just want to say a huge thanks to all of the OU girls (and Erica) who have been so sweet and welcoming to me.  You’ve made me feel like one of your crew and that has made my job easy!  Y’all are a hoot (if not a little bit crazy) and it’s been amazing to see the strength of all your friendships.  And I just can’t say enough about Aaron…he’s one of those guys who is a rare mix of sweetheart and tough guy which makes him a great teacher, principal and coach.  Aaron welcomed me with a hug each time we all got together and made sure that I was taken care of throughout the weekend.  Thank you so much, Aaron!

Needless to say, we had a great time.  The ceremony was at the beautifully stained-glass bedecked Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna, followed by a fantastically fun reception in the Olympian Ballroom at The Columbus Atheneum.  DJ AAA (a.k.a. Aaron Hall with Magical Attractions) was awesome.  Not only is Aaron a great DJ, he’s truly a team player.  This was the second wedding I’ve worked with Aaron and he does an amazing job at keeping the evening flowing.  He and his assistant were super helpful and it was great to see a friendly face.  Thanks for everything, Aaron!

This crew followed Katie and Billy’s lead by hiring a party limo to take us all from the church to the reception and to make stops for portraits along way.  More on the party bus experience in a separate post…I’ll just say this:  Hiring a limo does not ensure that your limo driver knows where he’s going.  Just sayin’.

So, I’m super excited to share my favorite photos from Ashley and Aaron’s wedding with you:


Busy, busy...

I love organized people!

A Sugarbush-designed guest book using photos from their engagement session


Rockin' the freedom braid

Erica was asked to be in two weddings this weekend.  Her other friend graciously let Erica come to Ashley’s wedding for just a bit.  I hope Erica got back to the other wedding on time!

Ashley with her two MOH's: Katie and Ali

I love this photo of Aaron. It reminds me of an old Hollywood portrait.

With all the brothers...

Aaron with his best man, Jeremy

The Olympian Ballroom at The Columbus Athenaeum

Ashley and Aaron's dog wanted to be with them

A great Winner family tradition

Aaron’s family started a great family tradition where the extended family toasts the happy newlyweds using the same glasses at each wedding.  Each couple’s name and wedding date is added to the box that holds the glasses.


Can you feel the love?

Ashley and Aaron

Congratulations, Ashley and Aaron!  Thank you for a great time in Columbus!

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