Engaged! Kim & Bob

I completely and utterly love, love, love this couple.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about them.  And it’s not just because Kim is gorgeous, or that I can totally joke around with Bob and he lets me tease him.  They are just great people to be around.  I laugh continuously when I’m with them and I cannot wait for their wedding!

A huge thanks to Kim’s sister, Kelly, who referred me to Kim!  I can’t wait to see you and Rich and the whole family at the wedding!

Kim’s grandparents are also awesome.  (So apparently awesome-ness runs in the family!)  They make their own homemade wine and are providing copious amounts of it for the reception.  I was intrigued by this very cool gift, so I asked if we could start the engagement session at the grandparents’ house.  I was hoping to get some shots of the actual winepress, but it’s long been dismantled and put in storage.  But they did have huge jugs of wine! Not only that, but Kim’s grandmother invited me to Sunday dinner.  OMG, are you kidding me?  Homemade Italian food, especially when Italian food is my absolute favorite?!  Um…yes, please!  Okay, last cool thing about Kim’s grandparents, who are so sweet by the way…they also make homemade limoncello!  Seriously, who are these people?

Well, I’m gushing, but I love meeting new, nice and interesting people!  Thanks Kim and Bob for a really fun afternoon!

It was okay. They still let this Korean girl park there.

More wine!

Kim's granddad is a hunter. The deer needed a little bling.

Bob really cares about animals.

I love how Kim looks at Bob. Sigh...

Not sure yet, but this might be the favorite from the day

Okay, so this is why Kim & Bob are so great. Kim has very curly hair. These garden hoses are very curly. They totally let me push them into this tiny alley so I could get what I thought were funny photos.


Because where else will you find a random large bowl of tomatoes on the street?

This is Bob's "are you ready for this?" look. Luckily, I was.

We bumped into one their friends during the shoot. I couldn't resist grabbing a shot of the daughter. Look at her eyes!

In the shot above, I saw this gentleman sitting on the bench by himself and I asked Kim and Bob if they could go across the street and nonchalantly sit down with him. But don’t spook him and scare him away!  Great job, guys.  This might be the favorite of the day.

Thanks again, guys!  Can’t wait for the big day!!

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