Kim & Bob’s Wedding Celebration

Okay, it’s official.  I’m a punk.  I’ve broken my resolution to keep up with my blog. I can’t believe how busy this summer has been and we’re already in the middle of September! Yikes!

Well, with love and apologies to two of my absolute favorite people, Kim and Bob (affectionately known as “My Italians”), here are just a few of my favorite shots from their wonderful wedding weekend!  It was hard not to post the entire weekend!

Reverend Salvatore Ruggeri, relative of the groom, performed an amazing service that had the congregation crying, laughing, and admiring his amazing singing voice

Kim was probably taking notes at the rehearsal, but we didn't see it

Rehearsal dinner in Little Italy

Mr. Ruggeri, father of the groom and host extraordinaire

Kim's mom, center, getting a chance to relax

I love tomatoes. And seeing them on this stand on the street corner makes me happy. How else are you supposed to know you're in Little Italy?

The next morning, getting ready at Gary Ann Salon in Mayfield Village, Ohio. I have to say that I felt quite privileged to be the only one to accompany Kim. What an honor...thanks, Kim!

Awesome curls

I love how surprised Kim looks. Really, Kim? You're gorgeous all the time!

The key piece of hair

So, I had to include this photo above because the moment was hilarious. Kim had a rogue piece of hair poking out. She kept playing with it, debating about whether or not to cut it. Her concern was that “it’s kind of a key piece of hair!” Well, her sister, Kelly (pictured), got the scissors and cut it off as only a good sister can!

Vincent was an excellent helper and ring bearer

Kim was laughing the entire day

Kim's grandmother made homemade pastries for the bridal party

Bob was so calm. Here he is relaxing in the sanctuary at Divine Word Catholic Church in Kirtland, Ohio

Ah, Best Man Joe (1 of 2), so earnest in his best-manly duties

Divine Word Catholic Church, Kirtland, Ohio

Kim and her dad, Mr. Sebastiano

More laughing!



Okay, this is more like it...

Bob, Kim thinks you're dreamy...

Classic red roses

Bob, James Bob...

Grandpa Sebastiano's homemade wine

Why? Because I used to play trumpet and I want to play in a band!

Like him, but cuter (no offense trumpet dude)...

The best men, Joe and Joe, prepping for the battle of the best best-man speech!

First the movement of Kim's dress

Joe Rockstar (he's in a band) gave a great toast!

But, Joe Famous (he's an actor)...

...brought props to make fun of Kim's organizational skills!


Yes, Bob, I'm still here...

They had a super fun ska band, Abby Normal and the Detroit Lean

Kim and Bob, I can’t tell you enough how great it was to be a part of your wedding!  Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and a part of your family!  Big hugs to everyone!  Tell Vincent I’m ready to start training him to be my assistant!

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2 thoughts on “Kim & Bob’s Wedding Celebration

  1. Kelly Schmidt says:

    Great pictures Julie! You did a great job capturing every moment of such a wonderful day!

    • Julie says:

      Hey Kelly! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. I had a such a great time with everyone and Vincent was unbelievably cute shadowing me. He’s going to be a great photographer some day! Hope everyone is doing well!

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