Riley’s First Birthday Party

I’ve had the great privilege to document some important milestones for the Holmes’ family and I was thrilled to be asked back to photograph sweet Riley’s first birthday party! Riley’s parents, Jennifer and Jonathan, know how to host and style a beautiful event, and this one was no different. Not only that, but the party was recently featured on the party-inspiration website, Hostess With The Mostess. Riley’s party theme was The County Fair and the details were awesome! Jonathan and Jennifer also celebrated the Korean first birthday tradition, Dol (or doljanchi), where Riley was placed in front of  objects such as a musical instrument, money, pencils, and food. She was then encouraged to pick up an object that would foretell her future.  Scroll down to see what Riley’s future holds! Here my favorites from the day:

I know, girlfriend! I felt the same way when I had to put on my hanbok (traditional Korean dress)!

Riley chose food! She will never be hungry!

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2 thoughts on “Riley’s First Birthday Party

  1. Jonathan Holmes says:

    So excited for your feature. We love working with you…always say you’re our go-to person!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks, Jonathan! I love collaborating with you and Jen! Thanks so much for hosting such wonderful and memorable parties!

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