Client Reviews

Lindsey and Chris Kowalski


THE PICTURES ARE AMAZING. Chris and I are absolutely THRILLED with them. Just breathtaking. I think we have gone thru the entire album at least 3 or 4 times today!! Your professionalism and talent is just out of this world. A few of the photos brought us to tears today (no exaggeration). You did an amazing job.

Again, we cannot thank you and Lindsey enough for how fabulous you both were on our wedding day. Now to get such amazing photos, just blew us away going thru the album for the first time.

It was an honor to have you!! Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!!!

All our best,
Chris and Lindsey Kowalski


Susan and Marlin Perkins, parents of the bride, with their daughter, Lindsey

Hi Julie,

I have just spent the last hour looking at Lindsey and Chris’ wedding pictures and I cannot tell you how absolutely STUNNING these turned out!!!! I could not be more pleased with every single shot you and Lindsey took. You both really captured the day with all the details and emotions of the day. I will be making a book sooo thick of pages I will need a very sturdy table to place it on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of the Perkins/Ross family, for doing such a fabulous job.  Please give Lindsey our best.

I will be going over and over and over these time and time again to make my final choices!! Thanks again!



Dan and Olivia Southam

Hey Julie,

The pictures are amazing!  So glad you were able to be our photographer.  So many great ones to choose from.  Thanks again Julie!

Dan and Olivia



Awesome. We love the pics. We are having a hard time deciding.

Thanks, Helen


The Holmes Family

Dear Julie,

Thank you thank you!!  Love how you captured all the moments for us.  As always your work is impeccable, the service wonderful, and the dedication to getting the good shots appreciated!

Jonathan and Jennifer


Will and Megan Vining


We’ve put together a list of the photos that we want to include in the book. It was difficult because of all the great photos! We hope you have a Happy New Year! We really enjoyed having you photograph our wedding!

Will and Megan



Hey Julie,

The photos are great! Everyone keeps asking me who did them! Thanks so much!



The Ruggeri Family

Hi Julie,

We LOVE the photos! They are so great. Thank you! You made cute little Lila look even cuter. Thanks so much for coming back again. And thanks for helping Bob with his location photos. I know he really, really appreciated that!

We love the photos and are so excited to get them!

Thanks again,
Kim & Bob


Liz and Dan Konschak

Hi Julie,
The pictures look GREAT– thank you so much for sending!! It was so much fun to look through all of them and relive the wedding and reception! Thank you again for being such a wonderful photographer and being so professional and fun and easy to work with- we really appreciate it!
Merry Christmas!
All the best,
Liz and Dan


The Noggle Family


These are great….particularly considering her mood that day! Love them. Thanks!



Amy and Ryan Ruvolo


Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing, we have probably gone thru them 3-4 times so far. Once again thanks so much for being part of our wedding day and doing such an amazing job on the photos…they couldn’t have come out any better! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ryan & Amy



Best. Shoot. Ever. Period. OMG Julie, these are soooo good! Best work yet.

Julie! I LOVE these photos….I can hardly stop looking at them! You captured my favorite people in my favorite place (our home). I really appreciate all of your work and willingness to come our way! You have once again went above and beyond and as a result our family has been blessed with such beautiful photos.

I’m so excited to share them with our family and friends! I am certain these precious pics will be enjoyed for years to come!

Thank you SO MUCH!
Jonathan and Jen


Allison and Tim Silvieus

THANKS SO MUCH JULIE!! Thanks so much for all the work you put into this!! I really love them all, they turned out so nicely and I especially love the ones of Tim and I in Akron–he saw them too and really liked them.

Allison (and Tim)



Hi Julie!
I love the pictures!! Thank you so so much!


Jacque and Dan Wagner

These are wonderful! Better than I ever expected! Dan and I had such a fun time this evening reminiscing our wedding day! You captured some great shots that will truly be cherished for any years to come. We were laughing out loud at the photos as the evening progressed! Thanks again, as I couldn’t ask for better photos.




AHHHHHH I LOVE THEM! They are absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to get them up on facebook. Thanks again for everything!


Hi Julie,

The photos are beautiful!! She is so happy with them!! Now the hard work begins in narrowing it down. You are so talented and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you again.



Halle and Jeff Hammerbacher

Thank you Julie! Looking through photos now and I love them. I heard you met with our friend Mark from San Francisco. Let’s get you a monopoly on SF weddings in Ohio 🙂




Thank you so much! The pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You did a fantastic job!

Thank you!
Kelly & Chelsea


Stephanie and Taylor Steinhoff

Dear Julie,

Thanks so much for all the time and energy you put into photographing our wedding! You are truly a rockstar and always amaze me at how you can capture just everything so perfect. We cannot wait to see the wedding album. We are praying for you and we hope God continues to bless your business and relationships. We love you!

Stephanie and Taylor
You rock!


Kris Presley, mother of the bride


LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THE PHOTOS!!!! They are BEYOND WORDS!!!! I have never seen anybody work so hard!! To the point of throwing yourself on the ground to get a shot of the confetti! We have received SO many compliments on you!!

Love you,


Bozana and Andy Lundberg

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for the photos. They are simply wonderful. We were amazed at how they came out and looking through them was like reliving the day! The memories you created with the photos will be wonderful for many years to come! I will admit that I am that girl who looks through her photos many many times over.

After the wedding, there were things I hoped you captured like my bouquet. And you did and it looks gorgeous. Same with the place settings and the shots of the restaurant. You really captured what we loved about that place. There are photos of the ceremony that also are super. One you took before the guests seated themselves with beachgoers – I love that picture. I also love all the shots of the lake. Seeing our family smiling or deep in conversation – those are priceless. You really were there and capturing it all – unbelieveable hard work from you! I love the photo of the three kids talking at a table and the dancing pictures! If we ever need to look amazing on camera and have great photos – we will certainly come knocking again! Thanks so so much Julie!!!!!

Bozana Lazic Lundberg

Hi Julie,

I would just also like to add my thanks and echo Bozi’s thoughts about how great the photos came out. One of my favorites was the picture of Steve (my stuffed rabbit)! I also loved the one of my dad cracking up during the best man toasts. There are so many good ones, it will be tough to pick just 50.

Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future. We would be happy to provide prospective clients with glowing reviews of your beautiful work and your exemplary professionalism.

Andy [Lundberg]


Danielle and Paul Wilkie

Hey Julie,

The pictures are amazing! It’s going to be tough to only pick our top 50 but we’re already busy coming up with a list. Thanks again, you really did a great of capturing everything. Hope all is well!

Paul and Danielle


Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson, parents of the bride

Wow Julie, you guys are fast!! I received the pictures today (Thursday). They look great! They will make a lovely gift for my mom for her birthday! Now-how to choose the copies I want for myself…..difficult decisions.



Denise and Michael Sebastiano


They are all so pretty! I looked thru them all last night and I am going to start all over again. They came out beautiful. The pics at the church are unbelievable. The church looks so beautiful. Like out of a magazine!



Noelle and Chad Findley in Negril, Jamaica


Thank you soooo much for everything!!! Everyone just loved you. My father especially. He is still talking about how wonderful, professional and how you are such a great photographer. Thanks again for coming down there and for being so incredible. The photos are phenomenal. We absolutely love them!! Thank you again, for doing such a wonderful job on them and we were so glad you could make it to Jamaica. Again, it was great working with you and thank you for all of the wonderful pictures. You are truly phenomenal at what you do. Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!



The Habegger Family

THANKS Julie!! These are great!! Again, I’m amazed at what you do – you can’t even tell from the pictures that it was stormy and gray outside! Thanks again, you did a fantastic job:) Have a great week!!




Dear Julie,

Jen and I just looked through the photos, and we love them!
You got some really good shots of Riley and Ava…we’re so thankful you took time out of your day to help us get these photos. They are treasures. I think 59 is my favorite…wonderful.

Thanks Julie,



Good morning Julie,

Dan’s photo’s are beautiful! You have been wonderful to work with.



Kelly and Meghan

AWESOME!!! You are awesome! I love the photos!

Thank you SO much!

Kelly L. Beck



The pictures came out great! Thank you so much!! Josh looks awesome so whatever you did worked. Thanks!



Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Shafer

Julie! Julie! Julie!

We just wanted you to know how wonderful you were at the wedding! We were so lucky to have you there! The photos are amazing! You have such a amazing eye!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I keep telling all the people I know that are getting married that they should use you for their photographer, because you were awwwwesoooome! Thanks Julie!!! We are so happy that we chose you!!!!! Can’t wait for the next time we do a photo shoot with you!

Talk to you soon!

Erica and Jon



Hi Julie,

We received Maddie’s pictures yesterday in the mail…! They look fantastic and we are all very pleased….. 🙂

Thank you so much!



Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gichevski

Hi Julie,

The pictures look amazing! You did such a nice job capturing the entire day. Thank you so much for everything, you were so wonderful to work with and we couldn’t be happier with our pictures!



Mr. and Mrs. Todd Boyland

Good Morning Julie –
With all the time, thought and care you have put into our wedding – I wish you could have been with us as we viewed our wedding pictures for the very first time. Saturday evening the Cost Family came over to the ‘Boyland’s.’ We connected the computer to our TV and ohh’ed and aahhh’ed over each shot. The roars, laughs, surprises, hidden views/perspectives, “sneak attack shots” (as Brian called him) impressed everyone. We are STUNNED with what an amazing job you did.

The lightening and coloring is so remarkable… it’s hard to believe any camera is capable of capturing so much detail. It was such a pleasant surprise to see the head shots of the bridal party – What a professional image for them to have … and a great gift for us to give their parents! The picture(s) that I am SOOO happy you captured are Brian doing the worm!! 😉 Capturing those memories is priceless. We couldn’t tell you this was going to happen – or when + where – and yet… you have the best angle.

In my most sincere honesty – I didn’t cry at all during our wedding. Although the emotions were genuine, true and deep, adrenaline + happiness kept me free from tears. Viewing our wedding images struck a cord in my heart – and took me right back to each moment of our day. Tears found a way of surfacing … but they were the tears that warm your heart and make you smile.

A “thank you” can’t begin to describe the gratitude and appreciation we truly feel. The best expression of our genuine satisfaction will be referrals and repeat business… Both of which we promise.

With sincere appreciation,
Margaret Boyland


Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jewett

We love our pictures & books! Thank you for all you did to make our day special!! We loved working with you & maybe we’ll see you again sometime on one of our Ohio visits…
Best wishes,
Tom & Donna


Kyle and Kent with Kyle’s parents, Jeff and Terry Mills


I’m speechless. You captured Kyle and Kent so beautifully. It’s going to take 100,000 years to pick one picture for their wedding photo! Thank you — you did a magnificent job! I’m bursting at the seams and wanted you to know how thrilled I am with the photos.

Love you girlfriend,


Mr. and Mrs. Kent Manson

WE LOVE THE PHOTOS!! You truly are an artist!! Thank you so much! We love love love them!! and are so happy with them! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BOOK!!!! Thank you so much for all your work. Everything was wonderful. We love the book and keep looking through it. You do such amazing work! Thanks so much again!!! we are totally thrilled!!!

Love to you,



Oh Julie!
They’re beautiful!  You did such a great job!!!!  Now to figure out packages!! The hard work begins 🙂

Thanks again,


The Griswolds

Thanks again Julie…we are so pleased with all the great, creative and fun pictures you captured of our family. Thanks for your willingness to work with us on all this stuff too!

Hope you have a great week!



Love, Love the pictures!!!! It will be a hard choice. You did a great job. Thanks for being so patient and for your enthusiasm! We are thrilled with the results.



Marosi Family

Dear Julie,

The photos turned out very well. I really admire your compositions. Everybody looks super and the arrangement of characters is very pleasing. Thanks again for doing a great job. We haven’t had a family portrait for several years.

God bless,
Ella Marosi


Julia and Derek Dalton

Hi Julie!
I love the pics! They were so fun to look at. Finally, I picked out some pics, but you are going to kill me! I picked out waaay too many and I couldn’t put them in any order. Basically make whatever book you want because I love all!! the pics.
Thanks Julie!


Kim and Bob Ruggeri

Hi Julie!
I just started looking at the pictures. I’m only on #84, but these are AWESOME!!! I absolutely love them. The candid shots of our family and friends at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are absolutely amazing. I’m crying one minute and laughing outloud the next! And I’m at home by myself!  These candid pictures of everyone are gorgeous. You make people look so good. I’m so happy!

I made it to the wedding day pictures. Still pre-wedding. Pics at my parents house. I’m so excited, I want to scream! I love these pictures so much!

We truly love these pictures. You have done such an amazing job. They are even better than we ever imagined. Thank you SO much for all of the time and effort you put into our wedding weekend and preparing for our wedding weekend. We appreciate it more than you know! The time and effort you put into our photos clearly shows. They are just gorgeous!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It has been so much fun to go through these pictures, over and over and over again!



Hi Julie!

We LOVE the pictures! Adorable. I have a list of about 30 of my favorites. Also, Kevin and I need to sit down and figure out which ones we want to order….how do we choose??? Thank you so much!



Joan and Jeff Shall

Julie, I got the email and have passed it on to the kids … we have all been looking at the photos. I finally sat Jeff down on Sunday night to look at them, too. He remarked how unobtrusive you were … neither of us recall you taking any of the photos except the family shots. And many thanks for the many photos of us kissing. Feel free to use me as an enthusiastic reference. You were a delight!

Warmest regards,


Kendra and James Ross

Hi Julie,
AHHHHHHH I’m so excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them. You did a fantastic job!! I’m so excited I might scream! We just looked through the book and was just amazing. We all loved it and my mom started to tear up. Thank you so much for taking your time and putting something together that we will treasure forever.

Good luck with the rest of your wedding season and keep in touch!



North Lawrence Fishing & Game Club

Julie, great job. It was a joy to see the results of your work. I especially liked the lake and the bow range shots. The email of the photos you sent have been viewed by several members of the club. Everyone thinks they are great! Praise God. It surprises me the variety of pictures that are peoples favorites. I guess I am surprised not everyone agrees with my picks. I don’t envy you your job. Thank you for the wonderful job. It was a joy to work with you. Come on back and you and Jenny and I will go shooting.



Ava’s 1st Birthday

Hi Julie!

First let me say that I absolutely love the party pics that you took! They are totally beyond my expectation and are such an amazing reminder of such a special day! God has given you such a talent and we are thankful to benefit from your excellent, creative, and talented eye!

Again we are all enjoying the photographs (I cannot even count how many times I have looked at them since receiving them yesterday) and thank you again for coming to our home and capturing such an important memory!



Theresa Durbin at Parkside Church’s Preschool Play ‘n Learn

Julie, I LOVE the Photos!!! Thank you sooooo much! It will be fun to share them with my family. You do such an awesome job! The best part is how happy the kids look! You really captured the JOY of playing and I even see the joy I have in doing it!! THANK YOU!!

Love ya!!



Aaron and Ashley Winner

Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for getting the photos done! I absolutely LOVE them! It’s going to be so hard to decide which ones I end up framing. We got our book our last night!!! LOVED IT!!! THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN! I love your work and you are amazing!!!!:)




Oh My God!  Julie, these are beautiful.  I swear I have never seen Maggie with such dimension; she’s always so close!  Really these photos show me how talented you are. What a gift you have! (also skill~ somehow complimenting someone’s talent takes away from their craft).

See you soon,


The Uveges Girls

Oh my…they are beautiful, Julie! This is going to be so difficult.

Thank you so much!!:)


Ava, Beth, Claire and David

Hi Julie,

Wow!! Just looked at the photos several times. I didn’t know what to expect since the girls were having such a tough time, but there are some great shots. Thank you!

You are the sweetest, most customer-service-minded person I’ve met in a LONG time. Thank you for making this so easy for us in every way. Really. It was really fun to see the results. You are talented. If people only knew how patient you were, but ready for any opportune moment!

Thanks so much, Julie,


The Greenway Girls and dogs

Ahhh Julie…they are beautiful!! I can’t wait to peruse the entire load tomorrow!! I’m tres excited!! I LOVE the password, haha…how true it is!
Thanks again Julie, OXO


The Cameron Family

Julie, we love the pictures!! Now to decide which ones we would like…We are going to have a family picture party and share our thoughts on the photos and make decisions. We are so thankful that Jon contacted you, Julie. Don’t you love the picture of Jon and his sisters?! It is one of my favorites.

Thank you for your creativity and for helping us to relax and have fun during the photo shoot!

Bitsy Cameron


The Villers

Oh Julie, What a treat!!!! There are some pics in here that are just to die for!!!! Of course they are mostly the ones that don’t include me, but that’s because I have an adorable girl and a handsome husband! 🙂

I’ll look through them again and again and again to be sure, but there are some precious shots of M and her Daddy and the tree hugging is just too cute and I’m so glad I found that hat!

Love you!


The Habegger-Mooney Families

These are AWESOME!!! I’m sitting here cracking up at the kids and having some “aw” moments. Thanks so much for doing such a great job:) I know everyone will be thrilled:)


The Lannings

Jules…these are awesome! I especially love the naked baby ones! AND I love the ones of he and I outside! AWESOME! Thank you thank you!!!! I can’t wait to show everyone!!!



Marci & Scott Coffman

Hi Julie!

Wow! We love the pictures! We just love them and are so blessed to have had you as our photographer. I felt like I was reliving the day all over again when I was looking at them. By the way, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who have seen the photos. They really are so beautiful and truly I want you to know how blessed I’ve been by your willingness to work with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Hope you’re doing great!


Jack, Olivia and Peter

Girl!! I absolutely LOVE the photos..honestly! They are amazing and I can’t wait to order some and enlarge and put them on the wall in my house..seriously! You are awesome! I love the ones of the kids laying on the grass..and the ones of the baby are just unbelievable! Love the one of him up in the air and on the blanket with Petey…so so so great and my family is going to love them! Thank you sooo sooo sooo much for doing this for us…love ya so much and appreciate you so much, Julie!



Stephanie & Donald Losh

I had to write to tell you that you did an amazing job on the coffee table book. TOTALLY BREATHTAKING! You captured so much of our memories…from my parents’ toasting flutes, the camo groom’s cake, the walkie talkie fun, “the hat,” even purple page layouts. We are blessed to have found you and want to thank you for all of your hard work. We’ll never forget.

Stephanie and Don


Mike & Amanda Kelley


I got the books yesterday and we LOVE them. Thank you so much again for everything. I refer your name to as many people as I possibly can. We will be in contact soon. I think I am going to get some Christmas cards. They are adorable.



Mr. & Mrs. Friedrich, parents of the bride, Amanda Kelley


The photos arrived today. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. I am recommending you to everyone so remember me when you are way too busy. We love you.



Kris & Pat Presley, cousins of Mike and Amanda Kelley

Hi Julie,

It was so fun to have you at all the events last weekend! I have heard so many wonderful comments about you – your kindness and sweet spirit was a blessing to everybody! Pat, Stephanie, and I had dinner with Mike and Amanda in Columbus on Wednesday night this week. Mike brought your name up and said how much he loved having you there. He said “I enjoyed Julie so much that if she came to us and said ‘the lens cap was on the whole time I was taking pictures,’ I would tell her that was no problem, we just enjoyed having you there.”

See you soon,


The Harabedian Family

Hi Julie!
I’m so excited! Just took a quick look and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #49 of Katelyn – I love them all, but that is probably my favorite of her. I’ll have to see what John thinks and I cannot wait to show him!! What amazing work you do! They’re beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!


Tim & Bonnie Warnky

Hi Julie!
Tim and I went through the pictures last night and LOVE them! Wow, you took a lot! (My mom will love that too by the way. : ) Tim and I have LOVED going through our pics and LOVE your work! We LOVE the book. It is FANTASTIC! I had so much fun looking through it. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

Love in Christ,


Mr. & Mrs. Hartman, parents of the groom

It was nice to see a professional yet warm and caring photographer at Justin and Zoe’s wedding.  It was a pleasure having you there.  I wish you the best of luck in all of your photographic endeavors.  Not that you need it!
Diana Hartman


Billy and Katie Noggle

Billy and Katie Noggle


We got the books and CDs in the mail last night! They were simply AMAZING! You captured every detail, memory, and mood of the entire weekend flawlessly! I can’t tell you enough how thrilled I am with the final product. I will definitely be contacting you again soon to order a couple more books for family members.


Katie (Belair) Noggle


Margie and Craig Belair

Margie and Craig Belair

Just thought I would let you know everyone who sees the wedding photos is constantly raving about them. You did an absolutely amazing job! They are just awesome and I love love love all of the candid ones.

Thanks again,

Margie Belair


Mr. & Mrs. Noggle

Mr. & Mrs. Noggle–Parents of the Groom

Hi Julie!!!
So good to hear from you! You did such a fabulous job…I have showed everyone the pics on line. I have never seen such beautiful work and you were such a pleasure to work with. Several of my family members commented that you were just like part of the family! They thought you were awesome and your work was above professional. Have a great summer and thanks for such beautiful work!!


Jennifer & Matt

Hi Julie!

I just wanted to thank you for giving Matt and I a book of our engagement photos! We really appreciate it. Also, thanks for taking such lovely pictures! We get so many compliments on them!

Jennifer McCoy


The McCoys

The McCoys


We got the photo albums today, they look great.  Thank you so much for everything, we got a lot of compliments on your pictures.

Thanks again,


Lilly & Fella

Lilly & Fella

You did an amazing job! I was thrilled with the portraits and can’t wait to get them framed and on our wall. Thank your for all you time and talent!

Much love,




Julie is one of the most masterful photographers I have ever had the privilege of working with.  She came to my home to shoot photos of my eighteen-month old daughter and some of me as well.  She befriended my daughter almost immediately and skillfully captured her little personality on film.  The photos we have will forever remind us of Mackenzie’s natural curiosity, unending joy and fun loving nature at this age.  Julie’s success at capturing Mackenzie was largely due to her ability to both engage her and to allow Mackenzie to be herself in her own environment, something I had unsuccessfully been struggling to do with my own camera for months!

Not only is Julie competent and skillful with her camera, but she also has a heart for her subjects.  She connected with me on a personal level and through our very easy conversation she was able to find out what things I loved about this stage of my daughter’s life.  She captured toys, dolls and nooks in our home where meaningful events took place everyday.  She looks with an expert eye not only for the art and composition of her photo, but for the value of the memory it preserves.  I would gladly speak to anyone on Julie’s behalf at any time and look forward to having her capture meaningful memories for us in the future!


Julie & Dan

Julie & Dan


Thank you sooo much for taking the time on Saturday to get the photos to me. I am soooooooooo glad we had them for our parents to look at together. I couldn’t have planned it better if I wanted to.

Let me just tell you how much they LOVED it and WHAT A HIT! Mark couldn’t stop talking about how impressed he was. Mark was asking if this was the way other photographers are doing it or if you are just cutting edge. I said cutting edge, because I have yet to see someone else’s photo books look like this. The moms loved it (obviously) they looked through it oh…5 times and my Dad who has not one artistic bone in his body had so much appreciation for what you did. (That is saying ALOT). They love how you told the story in the book. They were commenting on how they felt they could relive it all over. Oh and the little books!!! They loved those just as much because they can take them with them. Such a sweet and creative gift!!!

Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re the best!

Mr. & Mrs. Schrickel -- Parents of the Groom

Mr. & Mrs. Schrickel — Parents of the Groom

Mark and I were at Dan and Julie’s last night and saw for the first time their wedding book.  Utterly amazing!!!  You captured every emotion of the week-end.  The quality of your pictures and composition were incredible.  Just looking at the pictures you can tell the feelings of everyone in it.Thank you for capturing a very special week-end in such an amazing way!!
Mark and Lisa Schrickel


Julie & David --Married August 2008

Julie & David –Married August 2008

Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer.  Dave and I truly appreciated your professionalism from the very beginning.  I thought it was so wonderful how you took the time to understand all of the wedding activities happening during our wedding day, and how you were there to photograph each and every one of them.  We were amazed at how you were able to get great shots of so many of our guests.  We received so many compliments on how friendly and discrete you were! When we saw how the pictures all came together in the coffee-table book that you made for us we were so happy with how you told the story of our day from start to finish.  We also loved all of the graphic design work you did for us, our programs, and all of the menus, escort cards and table tents for the reception were so beautifully designed and printed.  I am not sure what I would have done without you helping me set up beforehand!  Thank you for dealing with all of my last minute changes!  You really went above and beyond with the personalized service and the care with which you approached our day. Thanks for making us feel comfortable and for making us look great!

Love, Julie and Dave


Kelly, Victoria, Victor and Richard--Family of the Bride

Kelly, Violet, Vincent and Richard–Family of the Bride

The pictures turned out great!  You have a real talent that you should be proud of!  Thanks so much!


Amy & Brian --Guests at Wedding

Amy & Brian — Wedding Guests

Julie does a fantastic job of capturing the moment with her camera – whether it’s quiet and tender, or loud and joyful. Her pictures make me want to look at them over and over, reliving every moment of the event.


Alli & Kevin's Seating Chart

Alli & Kevin’s Seating Chart

Alli & Kevin's Placecards

Alli & Kevin’s Placecards

All I can say is you were wonderful and everything you created from the seating chart to the programs was BEAUTIFUL! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for everything. It was a wonderful day, the happiest day of my life!


Luke & Lydia

Luke & Lydia


The pictures you took for me are the favorite ones that I have of the twins.  I was super surprised at what you got because I thought they were fussy and yet you managed to get great shots.  Also the relaxed atmosphere was perfect for babies.  Just shooting in my bedroom with natural light made it relaxed for the babies as well as mom and still you are ever the professional!!  Your clever ideas and angles made the pictures unique and different than the standard ones you can get.  I just love the way you got beautiful candid shots, nothing posed or contrived. Not easy to do with babies and even harder with twins. Just wonderful!   The response I got from the announcements was incredible, too.  A lot of people asked me who did them because they were unlike the normal ones out there.  I loved the different picture choices you gave me for the announcement and the options for color, layout, and font.  I loved them all so much it was hard to choose.  Thanks again, Julie for a great job!  Their first birthday is around the corner and I hope to get together again with you soon so you can document that for us through your God given talent for taking beautiful pictures!  Thanks Julie!

Love, Angie



Nicole & Tim’s Daughter

Hi Julie,

You do amazing work!!! I love the pictures.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Tim and I are having a hard time picking the ones to order, there are so many good ones. I absolutely LOVE the first announcement.  Thank you again for all the nice work you have done for us.

–Nicole and Tim


Melissa & Matts Kids

Melissa & Matt’s Kids

Julie has photographed my family several times and I could not be happier with her work.  She has created our holiday cards for the last three years and I always receive many compliments from family and friends.  Because she is willing to come to my backyard or our local park to shoot, my kids are more comfortable (in familiar settings) and their true selves show in the photos.  It’s more personal and meaningful to have the photographs in our home and favorite places.  Plus you don’t have the stress of photo studios–the waiting for appointment times, having to decide on prints immediately, and having a limited amount of poses to choose.  Julie is always well prepared and takes more than enough (tons!) of poses.  Her creativity is refreshing and she will work with you to make certain you are completely satisfied!


Owen and Ben

Owen and Ben

Oh my God, Julie!  These are incredible!  Wow!  I really do love them all.  You captured them (the kids and Edgar) exactly as they are right now–amazing!  I am so pleased!  Thank you!  Thank you!





Thank you for capturing such unique and precious glimpses of our daughter at her first birthday.  What a wonderful daily reminder of such a fleeting moment!  We are simply thrilled with your work.

Thanks again,
Amy and Charles


Christine & Tims Wedding Rehearsal

Christine & Tim’s Wedding Rehearsal

Dear Julie,

Wow!  What can we say?  The pictures are incredible!  I love all of them.  Tim and I are so impressed.  Our only regret is that you did not do our actual wedding pictures.  Thank you for the beautiful book.  It was fun to look through at Christmas.  What a nice surprise!  Again, we want you to know how much we appreciate all of the time and effort you put into our special day.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

Love, Christine and Tim


2 thoughts on “Client Reviews

  1. Elizabeth Fleagle says:


    Matt and I still talk about how FANTASTIC it was to have you be a part of our wedding day! You are such a joy to work with and our wedding photos are a gift we will treasure forever! Thank you for using your immense talents to capture such wonderful memories- you didn’t miss a single moment!

    So fun to look back through our photos over and over!!
    Love you and your work!
    Elizabeth & Matt

    • Julie says:

      Hi Elizabeth and Matt,

      Thank you so much for your very kind feedback and for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog! It was a privilege to be a part of your beautiful celebration and document your wedding day! I’m thrilled to hear that you are still enjoying reliving your day through your photos and hope you will continue to enjoy them for many years to come! Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of service to you and your families in any way.

      With warmest regards,

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